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Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Upgrade Your Outdoor Lighting

Offer Greater Security, Style and Comfort with Advanced Lighting Control

Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Upgrade Your Outdoor Lighting

Lighting plays a vital role inside your San Antonio, TX, home. It guides you throughout the day from the moment you wake up in the morning until it's time to head to bed at night. Lighting control lets you embrace its full potential through dedicated apps, touchpads, sensors, and schedules.

Lighting’s importance, however, is not limited to your indoor spaces. Managing your outdoor lighting efficiently is just as important, especially as winter approaches and the days get shorter. Everything from your security to your holiday spirit gets a boost when you optimize your landscape lighting. Here we outline the most significant ways outdoor lighting control can transform your home this holiday season.

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Dissuade Potential Intruders

With many families leaving for long periods during the holidays, intruders are on high alert. You must eliminate any dangerous unlit areas around your home. Ensure lights are always on when needed by linking your fixtures to a schedule: turn them on automatically at sunset and off when the sun rises. Enhance your security with motion sensors that trigger floodlights when someone enters your property after hours. If you hear suspicious noises, turn on all fixtures at the press of a button to check for any threats. 

Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Every interior designer will tell you how important lighting is to your overall décor. Vibrant light is also crucial to showing off your home's exterior features. Spotlight your herb garden, lawn ornaments or fountains with small niche fixtures. Through expertly designed landscape lighting, eliminate any unseemly shadows caused by large trees or architectural features. Naturally alternate which elements to highlight with the press of a button through dedicated scenes that instantly pull up your go-to settings.

Design Intricate Holiday Displays

The holidays are the perfect time to let your outdoor lighting shine. Outdo all your neighbors with seamless control which makes it easy to turn fixtures on and off and alternate colors. We recommended using scheduled scenes for these displays. Kick back and enjoy the show as lights change on their own throughout the day to showcase your favorite decorations. Link your outdoor audio and synch your lights to a particular song or playlist for extra magic.  

Take Your Parties Outdoors

Here in San Antonio, we're lucky enough to have great outdoor weather through the winter holidays. It might be tempting then to take some of your holiday get-togethers outdoors. Liven up the party even after the sun sets with intuitive control of your lighting. Adjust lighting as needed for swimming in the pool or grilling on the patio using a mobile app. No need to take a break from your hosting responsibilities or to have to put your drink down. Use motion sensors, so areas in your backyard automatically light up when guests enter them, so they're never stuck in the dark.


Do you want to prepare for the holiday season with a custom landscape lighting solution? Reach out to one of our lighting experts by giving us a call at (877) 418-ASAP, chatting with us below, or filling out our contact form.