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Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Install a Gunshot Detection System

Make Important Security Upgrades to Your Campus Now that Schools Are Closed

Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Install a Gunshot Detection System

With schools across the country closed due to the COVID-19 outbreak, it could provide an opportunity for administrators to make much-needed upgrades to their building infrastructure. Over the next few months, it could be a good time to bring in professionals to take care of campus essentials that are hard to fit in during the regular school year and summer sessions.

Even though access control, overall maintenance, and upgraded networking should be a top priority, we also recommend taking this time to install gunshot detection systems in your Sugarland, TX schools. Outlined below are the reasons this is a vital time to integrate technology that could save many lives down the line.

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Have the Time and Space for Installation

Rarely will school buildings remain unoccupied for as long as they will in the coming months. For all the hardship this means for staff, students, and their families, administrators can take advantage of this unfortunate period to make improvements they may have postponed before.

 Our gunshot detection systems are easy to install, but since they involve sensors throughout the school, it is ideal to do installs while the entire property is shut down to avoid interfering with your regular day-to-day activities. Likewise, we'd be able to test the systems properly without causing any panic.

Deploy Stronger Security in Uncertain Times   

Even once things get back to normal and school is back in session, we'll likely be returning to a completely different environment. The forced isolation people are undergoing could easily affect their mental health. Hotlines hosted by healthcare providers and health insurance companies are actively addressing this problem. Still, it's essential that you boost your school security in the meantime to prepare for when students return.

Enhancing your security—especially with gunshot detections systems to deter the most tragic events—is especially important in middle schools and high schools throughout the state. Many kids among this vulnerable population may not know the best way to reach out for help, which is why, along with these security measures, we highly recommend investing in more considerable counseling efforts as well.

Neutralize the Threat of Gun Violence in Your School

One unexpected response to the coronavirus outbreak has been a considerable increase in gun ownership. For many people, guns offer peace of mind that they'll be able to protect their property and loved ones even in the worst of times. Recent purchases, however, have come from many people new to gun ownership who may not be aware of the best safety precautions.

We could see an increase in gun violence with a stressed-out populace and more guns in the hands of irresponsible gun owners. Neutralize this concern as much as you can with gunshot detections systems that will help you isolate and resolve threats as quickly as possible. Optimize your security with added video analytics which immediately identify any guns that enter your property.

Explore the many security solutions that ASAP Security Services can bring to your campus to boost the safety of students and staff once school is back in session. Schedule a meeting with our team by giving us a call, filling out our contact form or chatting with us below.