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Why Business Owners Should Use License Plate Recognition

Reinforce Your Property’s Parking and Surveillance

Why Business Owners Should Use License Plate Recognition

Are your business’ parking spaces often filled by people who are taking advantage of your location? Perhaps you own a restaurant on a popular shopping street or a shop near the beach, and non-customers are leaving their cars parked there for hours. Or maybe you want to be sure you know who is coming in and out of your property, and in the case of an incident, track down a car’s license plate number.

For added security to your business, license plate recognition technology can solve your parking enforcement and surveillance challenges. To see how it will help your Corpus Christi, TX, business as part of your security system, continue reading below!

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How License Plate Cameras Works

License plate recognition (also known as LPR cameras) involves a specialized surveillance camerasystem designed to capture license plates on moving or still vehicles with built-in software to compensate weather, speed, and glare. They are tuned to ultra-high contrast in black and white, perfect for capturing the plates but not an overview of the vehicle. LPR cameras will be focused on a small areathe width of a driving laneso the picture will be clearly in focus. By adding an LPR camera to your surveillance system, you can view the footage from any connected device, anytime.

Automatic Number Recognition

An optional addition to your license plate cameras is automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) software. ANPR software identifies numbers and letters and then takes actionlogs the plates to a database or automatically opens a security gate, for example. If you desire automation with your license plate cameras, then connecting ANPR to your cameras will achieve it. 

When License Plate RecognitionReally Helps

If you own a retail store or a commercial space that is susceptible to theft, license plate capture will be integral in stopping thieves. Imagine if a thief has managed to reach their car and drive away. If they pass by a gate with an LPR camera, the license plate can be stored on your software’s files. You can then establish an alert for that plate number, so if the car returns, the camera alert will notify your security system. You can quickly apprehend the criminal and prevent another robbery from happening. 

Additionally, LPR cameras are used to monitor parking. If you own a building where certain cars are permitted to park, the cameras can check which plate numbers are in your database and which are not. Cars that are wrongfully parked in your lot or garage may receive a ticket, and perhaps after several incidents, will be subjected to towing. In addition to signage, the cameras should prevent people from wrongfully parking in your space.

Are you interested in adding license plate recognition to your Corpus Christi, TX, property? Call ASAP Security Services at (877) 418-ASAP or fill out ourcontact form. We look forward to helping you!