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What Are the Best Smart Home Control Options?

Integrate Solutions that Boost Your Convenience, Comfort and Peace of Mind

What Are the Best Smart Home Control Options?

Most smart home devices tout their mobile apps to manage lights, speakers, TVs, thermostats, and security cameras from your smartphone. But do you ever feel you’d like to try something different in your Dallas, TX home? Perhaps when watching a movie, a remote makes more sense. Or you might not want to pull up an app just to turn off lights when you leave a room. With a professional installation, you earn a full suite of smart home control options so you can find the best fit for a variety of activities.  

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Touchpads are the primary control option in most home automation systems. Enjoy the ultimate convenience with one touchpad that manages your lights, climate, entertainment, security, shades and more. Placed on tables or flush-mounted on the wall, they are available in a variety of sizes. And with large graphics and easy-to-use interfaces, they're ideal for family members of all ages.


Have instant access to your technology through on-wall keypads that let you adjust lights, shades, and music. These keypads replace wall switches, cords, and remotes for a less cluttered, more comfortable lifestyle. Through our industry partners, you can choose from a variety of models, finishes, and colors to find keypads that would best match your interior décor.


Don’t want to get rid of the tactile feel of a remote in your main entertainment spaces? Our smart home control solutions include upgrades to your universal remote as well. You can switch between different sources, adjust the volume on your surround sound, and even prepare the environment using one device. Savant's Pro Remotes let you adjust lights, climate and shades within the room. Create individual profiles for family members to easily access their favorites on the remote’s sleek touchscreen.   

Mobile Apps

Enjoy the same interface from your touchpads on a mobile app for added convenience and comfort on the go. One of the most significant benefits of using a mobile app is the peace of mind of accessing your technology from anywhere. Whether you’re at work or away on vacation, check in on live surveillance footage, lock doors, and turn off lights as needed. These apps are also ideal when you’re not near a keypad or touchpad.

Voice Commands

Enjoy hands-off control of your technology for the ultimate convenience. Have your personal technology concierge by integrating a smart speaker. Tell Alexa to shut off the lights, turn on the TV or lock the doors without lifting a finger. If you don’t want to add Alexa, Savant’s Pro Remotes also come with voice control capabilities.

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