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Is Your School’s Security System Prepared to Prevent Emergencies?

Discover the Security Technology Helping Texas Schools Catch Threats

Is Your School’s Security System Prepared to Prevent Emergencies?

As upsetting news stories continue to appear in the headlines, schools across the nation are making strides to improve their security systems. More than ever, it’s crucial to have the right process in place to protect students and staff from emergencies. But the best security system will not only help in times of need but will also halt threats in their tracks.

As Houston’s premier security company since 1947, we have years of experience building custom safety solutions. Continue reading to see how a school security system can anticipate and prevent threats in your Bellaire, TX area school.

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Prevent Intruders

Whether you run a daycare or a college, a suspicious person roaming the property is never a welcome sign. But your administration can prevent intrusions and crimes with high-tech security devices working in unison. By installing smart locks, for instance, exterior doors can automatically lock to the outside and require pin and key cards or facial recognition to enter.

Facial recognition cameras register a person’s unique facial signature, scan through a database, and then determine if they’re valid to enter or not. If a previously flagged offender is recognized, they won’t be able to proceed inside, and a notification will automatically send to your security officer.

Guests can page into an intercom and explain why they’re visiting, so reception can decide whether or not to unlock the door from a keypad or tablet. If an intruder does enter, automatic lockdowns can easily block off hallways and rooms, which you can access remotely from your tablet, computer, or a specialized button.

Prevent Miscommunication & Delay

If anything were to happen, it should be easy to send mass communication messages to your security team and staff. For instance, if a security or smoke alarm goes off, a 24/7 monitoring station will receive an alert, and from there will instantly notify the police or fire department.

And in the unlikely but unfortunate event of a gunshot fire, gunshot detection technology can immediately tell your security staff where the firing occurred, reducing delay and panic. The police will know where to go, and the school can lock down accordingly.

Prevent Faulty Technology

Even if a camera, alarm, or security device is down for only a day or a few hours, you never know if your students’ safety will suddenly depend on it. Ensure your security system is always performing flawlessly with help from a security technology company like ASAP Security Services.

With routine inspections, we’ll detect any issues that may arise, whether it’s to fix wiring or malfunctioning intercom speakers. A monitoring and maintenance firm will also keep your fire, water, and carbon monoxide alarms up-to-date, so that each school day can pass worry-free.

Don’t wait any longer to improve your Bellaire, TX school’s security. Contact ASAP Security today by giving us a call at (877) 418-ASAP, filling our online form, or messaging a member of our team below.