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Is Your Business Addressing These Security Threats?

A Security Monitoring Solution Helps You Better Protect Your Property

Is Your Business Addressing These Security Threats?

How can you best protect a business in which you’ve invested so much of your time and money? The obvious step is to look into a professional security monitoring solution for your Houston, TX space. But before you settle on a system, the first step is identifying your most significant vulnerabilities. Learning more about the exact threats facing your company will make it easier to address them directly.

Even though these will differ depending on the size of your property and your business type, there are some issues we see across the board. Listed below are the top five threats businesses face as well as the security features that will best help you prevent them in the future.

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The number one reason business owners implement security monitoring is to prevent theft. We recommend adding visible security cameras throughout your property to gather valuable footage and deter intruders from targeting your space. Add deadbolts to your doors and signs letting everyone know you have an active security system. Add smart lighting which turns on automatically when someone approaches to let intruders know you spotted them.   

Employee Theft

You probably should be worried more about employee theft than someone breaking into your business. Estimates show up to $50 billion each year is stolen by employers in the United States, with more than 50% of employees having stolen at least once. Surveillance cameras are one way to prevent employee theft or catch it as soon as it happens. Having unique access cards or codes will also help since you'll know who was on your property when things went missing.


A risk that many business owners don't consider is fraud. Liability costs can be massive and easily bankrupt a company. Limit concerns by having surveillance cameras throughout your property, so you have evidence to counter any claims regarding falls or food tampering. By supplying footage like this viral one to insurance companies, you can quickly clear your name. Ensure you have restricted access to any high-risk areas including warehouses or kitchens where these claims are more likely.


Although it’s not as scary as burglary, vandalism is also quite costly. Surveillance cameras, as part of your security monitoring, will dissuade illegal activity throughout your property. Getting high-quality surveillance footage is vital in catching perpetrators, so make sure both cameras and lights are activated when someone approaches your property. You’ll need a security monitoring solution that lets you store and search footage easily to provide it to authorities when required.  

Fire & Water

During your security installation, it's essential to not forget about the environmental threats that your business faces. Keep damages from fire and water low with cutting edge smoke and leak detectors. Not only should these activate a loud alarm within your company for overall safety, but they should link to a general monitoring station so security experts can respond quickly. If you need to file an insurance claim, you should also look through relevant surveillance footage that proves you weren’t at fault.

Want to learn more about the unique vulnerabilities that your Houston, TX business may be facing? It’s easy to set up a consultation with us by simply calling (877) 418-ASAP, filling our contact form or chatting with us below.