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How Video Monitoring Protects Your Business

Learn the Benefits and Uses of Remote Video Monitoring

How Video Monitoring Protects Your Business

As a business owner or property manager, you know what a responsibility it is to keep your building safe for everyone inside. This includes protecting inventory from theft because if your business loses merchandise or cash, it could affect everything from the bottom line to your employees’ job security.

Whether you own a bookstore, bar, office building, or a convenience store, protect your establishment with a video monitoring system. Trespassers, thieves, and criminals will be deterred from preying on your business, thus preventing loss or damage. Plus, with a remote monitoring system, you can watch video feeds and receive alerts from any location to keep an eye on all aspects of your business. 

But how does remote video monitoring work, and what are your business’ options? Continue reading to discover what security cameras can add to your Austin, TX, commercial space. 

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Intimidate Criminals

After Baltimore, New York City, and Philadelphia had security cameras installed on the streets, police reported 17%, 36%, and 37% drops in crime, respectively. Could it be that the presence of cameras alone made people less inclined to commit crime? Like a security guard intimidates potential thieves, the presence of cameras in your business will automatically sway criminals from trying to steal or break in. The idea of being recorded on camera and caught will prevent people from stealing merchandise or cash, especially of those who decide on a whim to steal. 

You can further protect your business with signs that call attention to cameras, even letting customers know footage will be sent to the police. At night after you have closed up shop, visible cameras by entrances will ward off any intruders. 

Monitor Remotely

With a smart security system installed in your small or large business, you won’t need to be on location to see what’s going on. Motion sensors can alert your phone, computer, or tablet if unusual or after-hours activity is detected, and from there you can check the camera feed. If you see anything suspicious, alert law enforcement right away for assistance. If a situation like this occurs, imagine what will happen if you don’t have a security system in place! 

Share Footage with Police

In the unfortunate event of a robbery, your footage can be passed on to the police to catch the suspect. Here in Texas, a woman recently ringing neighborhood doorbells in the middle of the night was caught by police thanks to homeowner’s private security cameras. The same is possible with your business, and if any wrongdoing occurs, the thief can be caught, and merchandise returned to you. 

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