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How to Choose the Right School Security System

How to Give Students, Faculty, and Staff Peace of Mind

How to Choose the Right School Security System

In public spaces like shopping malls, stadiums, and office buildings, we’re accustomed to high-tech security systems keeping a watchful eye for potential threats. Many people even install security systems in their homes to ensure privacy and peace of mind. When it comes to schools where hundreds of students, faculty, and staff spend the majority of their week, safety should be regarded just as seriously.

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If you’re a school principal or a superintendent, you’ll want to choose a school security system that families and students can trust to keep them safe. To ensure you find the best system for your Houston, TX, school, be sure it includes the following features.

Security Alarm Monitoring

When there’s a break-in, you want to be sure your school’s security alarm goes off and reaches help immediately. School security systems should include security alarm monitoring, like the services we provide at ASAP Security Services. Our team of professionals will routinely track your school’s system to ensure that security alarms are always functioning despite any weather, power outage, or civil unrest.

Intercoms and Notifications

In the same control system, your school should have speakers, intercoms, and alarms to alert auditory cues if there is a critical issue at school. In a lobby or foyer, display fixtures can be rigged to inform students and staff of precautions and warnings, too.  

Video Surveillance

Tactfully placed cameras and motion detectors are another vital component of school security systems. If a crime is committed, footage can be sent right to the police to identify the culprit. Motion detectors will catch suspicious activity at odd hours, alerting security when and where it occurred. Plus, criminals will be deterred from acting in the first place, as the presence of cameras will intimidate them from being caught. Students and their families will feel safer knowing there is video surveillance to prevent threats.

Gunshot Detection

We hope this security feature will never need to be used, but it is critical to have in all school buildings. Previously used for the military and police, gunshot detection technology can locate the precise location of gun activity and send the data to your security department, monitoring company, and law enforcement. Synched to your integrated security system, gunshot detection will also trigger additional security measures, like a lock-down alert over the intercom.


Installing a comprehensive security system is the first step toward safety. The second step is ensuring that it functions properly 24/7. When shopping for a security provider, look for a bundled service that includes routine alarm, camera, and lighting checks. The same team that implements your devices should also monitor and maintain it, simplifying the number of businesses your school works with.  

For highly-rated school security systems in the Houston area, you can depend on ASAP Security Services. To get started, call us at (877) 418-ASAP, or fill out our contact form here. We look forward to helping your school stay safe today.