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How the Share911 App Protects Your Students in an Emergency

A Modern Approach to Mass Communication Systems Speeds Up Responses

How the Share911 App Protects Your Students in an Emergency

Mass notifications systems play a vital role in protecting staff and students. As school security continues to improve, you shouldn’t forget to upgrade your communications systems as well. For the most efficient, quick and comprehensive response to any incidents in your school, you’re going to need to move beyond traditional intercoms.

How have mass communication systems evolved in schools in Corpus Christi and throughout Texas? Recent advancements are all about reaching people where they spend plenty of time: their smartphones and computers. The Share911 app is the most popular of these approaches. This collaborative communication platform keeps employees informed during emergencies, blackouts, and more.

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Everyone Can Initiate a Response

During an emergency, you don't want to have to wait for an administrator to ask for help. Having an app that all employees and students can use to report issues means a quicker response to any incident. Once all staff and students have the app installed, rest assured any threats or concerns will be communicated as soon as they happen. There's no time wasted trying to reach a designated person to forward that message to the rest of the school. Share911 will share the employee message with your staff, students, and authorities. If needed, this mass communication system can stretch across multiple properties.

Deliver Your Message Quickly

Share911 also limits the amount of time it takes to create alerts. Easy drop-down menus within the app let employees choose the type of emergency and the location. No need for staff to nervously type out messages in the middle of a crisis. There’s the option to choose between intruders, utility outages, weather conditions, medical emergencies and more. Customize the app to your property so employees can say precisely where the threat is located: parking lot, classroom, gym, etc.

Security Alerts Across Platforms

As soon as the alert goes out, your entire staff receives a message on their phone, browser or desktop app. The whole screen will fill up with relevant information on the issue at hand and the location. Not all alerts will require the same sort of response, so the Share911 app even lets you color code alerts according to their expected response: lockdown, evacuation, or lockouts. Having these quick color references makes it easier for staff to know how to respond immediately.

Effectively Communicate Updates

Do you want to get a message out to your staff to let them know what is happening? Employ direct messages within dedicated channels to keep all communications organized. Channels can be linked to specific incidents or locations. Not only are these vital for general updates, but they make it much easier to coordinate evacuations and reunifications when needed.

Are you interested in making Share911 a part of your school security system? Set up a consultation with our security personnel to learn more about Share911 and other features that could best prepare your staff and students for an emergency. Just give us a call at (877) 418-ASAP, fill out our contact form or chat with us below to get started.