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How Surveillance Cameras Boost Your Business Security

Easily Monitor Any Suspicious Activity in and Around Your Property

How Surveillance Cameras Boost Your Business Security

Business owners, are you doing all you can to protect your team and inventory? High-end business security cameras can have a significant impact on the safety of your property and employees. By going beyond DIY security cameras, you’ll gain additional features that will bolster every part of your commercial security system. 

Why is now the perfect time to upgrade the surveillance cameras in your San Antonio, TX business? As you read this blog, you'll see how cutting-edge video monitoring solutions impact your daily operations to give you, clients, and employees greater peace of mind.

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Keep a Sharp Eye on Your Business  

Know exactly what’s happening on your property with high-end cameras from companies like Avigilon and AXIS Communications that offer HD resolution and faster frames per second. If you have a higher video resolution, it'll be easier to zoom in on any suspicious activity and capture faces, license plates and more. Getting more frames per second means capturing movement more efficiently, so you don't end up with useless blurry images.  

Quickly Recognize Threats with Analytics 

Integrate video analytics to use your surveillance footage more efficiently. Receive immediate feedback on what matters most to your business based on your unique parameters. If you want to start small, simply use analytics to recognize unusual activity. That could be someone lurking in the vicinity or entering restricted areas. Next, incorporate voice and license plate recognition to quickly identify and remove any people previously banned from your property. Retail settings can include analytics that let them know when the register is backed up or what are the most popular areas in their stores. 

Bolster Your Company’s Access Control 

How can business surveillance cameras be employed as part of your access control? Enforce bans easily, as mentioned previously, with facial and license plate recognition. Incorporate those analytics to open gates and doors for those approved for entry immediately. Doing this reduces the risk of lost key cards or gate openers, leaving your space less vulnerable. Add cameras with audio capabilities to your main entry points so you can talk to people before letting them onto your property. 

Stay Connected No Matter Where You Are 

Efficiently manage your business security with apps that let you look in on live or recorded footage no matter where you are. Track movement with pan, tilt, zoom cameras you manage remotely. Once you've installed your cameras, you can also set alerts and notifications based on specific triggers. When there's an unusual activity of any kind, you receive a notification on your smartphone. Alerts can include video snippets showing precisely what is happening so you can respond as quickly as possible. 

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