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How Gunshot Detection Is Becoming More Affordable for Schools

With prices falling and technological advancements, now is the time to make sure your students, teachers and staff are safe

How Gunshot Detection Is Becoming More Affordable for Schools

While we all wish it were not the case, it’s an unpleasant truth that schools need to prepare for a mass shooting situation. One of the most effective tools at your disposal to protect your students, teachers and staff is a gunshot detection system. Working in combination with other school security systems, gunshot detection lets schools and emergency officials respond more quickly to potential dangers, and every second counts if someone brings a gun to your schools.

Another unpleasant truth is that many school districts have limited resources, which makes buying and installing gunshot detection technology seem out of reach. However, we’re here to tell you that’s not the case. Changes in technology have made gunshot detection systems much more affordable, which makes them more viable for schools in the Corpus Christi region of Texas. Here are some of the factors driving down the cost of this powerful security tool.



Gunshot detection systems are a combination of both hardware (the detectors placed throughout your school) and software (the platform that makes these detectors work). These systems used to require large, expensive servers to handle the necessary computing power.

Cloud-based platforms have rendered on-site servers obsolete. Gunshot detection systems can now use a cloud-based model to process and analyze sounds, making them more effective. Harnessing cloud computing gives schools robust systems with mobile and web-based applications at a much lower cost.

Even better for schools, newer gunshot detection systems include self-learning AI software powered by cloud-based servers. Machine learning allows these systems to continually improve their accuracy, which reduces false-positives and speeds up the response times. Though you never want to remove people from the equation altogether, more advanced software means you don’t always need someone monitoring the system, further lowering the ongoing cost of gunshot detection.


For an effective gunshot detection system, you’ll need sensors placed all over the interiors and exterior of your school. This may mean buying dozens, perhaps even hundreds of devices to adequately cover the school grounds, and every additional device means additional costs.

The good news is detectors are now smaller and have simpler network requirements, and many of them are now “plug and play.” All these factors lower the cost of installing gunshot detection in your school. In some cases, you can even map and program the detectors from a phone. Combined with the improvements in software, these hardware advancements make gunshot detection systems more affordable and easier to manage, and that’s good news for schools.

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