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How A Total Home Integration Will Simplify Your Lifestyle

Control Your Lighting, Thermostat, Audio, and More from One Place

How A Total Home Integration Will Simplify Your Lifestyle

Do you remember not too many years ago, when we all owned and carried around an mp3 player, cell phone, and camera separately? Packing a bag for a trip, you’d bring your iPodvideo camera, and guide books. But when smartphones were introduced, suddenly music, cameras, phones, GPS, and internet were all merged into one device. With features like Apple Pay now, your phone could be the only thing you carry when you leave the house. 

With smart home automation, all of your technology and devices should come together and be controlled from one place, just like our smartphones perform many tasks in one device. This means that your lighting, thermostat, audio, video, security, and more will all be connected from one application. With total home integration, there’s no need for piles of remotes or different apps on your phone — it should all be synched.

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But what are the benefits of whole home automation and how can you start using it? Continue reading to discover what effect a total home integration will have on your Dallas, TX, household.

Start Your Mornings Right

By integrating your smart devices into a control system like Savant, your home will prepare and ready itself as you wake up.Choose between using voice-command, pressing “Good Morning” on your phone, or scheduling a specific activation time like seven thirty

From there, motorized shades will rise in every room, letting the sunshine in. Soft music will start playing in the kitchen, and the thermostat will adjust, so you can get ready with one less step. This is especially helpful to those with disabilities who may find it difficult to prepare the house and reach blinds alone.

Say Goodnight with Savant 

As it approaches the time for bed, use your smartphone, tablet, control panel or voice-prompted speaker to say “Goodnight.” Every light inside will turn off, so you won’t accidentally waste electricity by leaving a lamp on. However, you can set outdoor lights and motion sensors to activate too, creating a safe environment all night long. The shades will lower, and the thermostat will set to the perfect temperature for sleeping.

Enjoy with Friends and Family 

Prepare your house for a party or get together in one touch of a button with a preset “party mode.”All at once, multi-room audio will turn on, playing the same playlist or station in every room and outdoors. Your hot tub and pool will turn on automatically, and outdoor path lights will illuminate all at once. Set your indoor lighting to fun hues of gold, blue, magenta, and more. When the party’s over? Turn it all off from one app, then press “Goodnight.”

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