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Do You Want to Create a Vape-Free Campus?

Add the Latest Vape Detection Features to Your School Security System

Do You Want to Create a Vape-Free Campus?

School security systems often focus on defending students from external threats through a mixture of alarms, locks, and surveillance cameras. Not all dangers that your students face come from strangers entering your property, though. It's also essential to keep students safe from their own unhealthy habits and behavior that could hurt both themselves and others around them. 

For the past few years, one of the biggest issues facing schools has been the rising popularity of vaping. Educators have been scrambling to find ways to curb this trend and enhance the wellbeing of the overall student body. Now there is a tool available to help administrators identify and curb both vaping and bullying in their River Oaks, TX schools.

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Research from the Center for Disease Control and Protection shows vaping is harmful to kids, teens and young adults. The nicotine content is particularly high in the most famous JUUL brands and can harm the adolescent brain when it comes to learning, moods and impulse control. A National Academy of Medicine study also showed that vaping use is likely to lead to cigarette smoking in the future.

Even though many consider vaping a safer alternative to cigarettes, there are still harmful substances in vapes alongside the very addictive nicotine content. In the past few years, some vaping devices containing flavorings like diacetyl have been linked to lung disease as well.

Eliminating vaping is hard since the generally odor-free vapor is not as easy to spot as cigarette smoke. Having devices to detect this vapor should be a top priority when designing or upgrading your school's security system.

The main reason to add vape detection to your school security system is to curb this habit, but it has other benefits as well. The sensors used for vaping detection are also useful for recognizing sound disturbances. Deploy these sensors in bathrooms and locker rooms, where you cannot place a camera or microphone, to identify incidents of violence and bullying.


A multi-sensor anti-vaping device is capable of detecting vaping, smoke, and noise disturbance. Have these sensors installed away from open windows, exhaust fans or HVAC vents for the highest reliability.

Whenever the sensors are set off, resource officers or administrators receive an MSM message or email with the exact location and cause of the incident. Easily adjust who receives these notifications and when they are sent to ensure only those currently at work get notified.

Through a mobile app, administrators control sensors to activate/deactivate or change the trigger threshold (particularly important when used to monitor sound disturbances). When there's a sports event—for example—you may want to raise the limit in the locker room to avoid false alarms.

Sensor data is compiled into analytical reports to see which locations and times of day have the most activity. Not only can you use this data to direct your personnel, but also to implement support from your security system. Deploy additional surveillance cameras or limit access, if possible, in problem areas. 

Let the ASAP Security team help you build a healthy vape-free environment in your school. Reach out to our team to learn about the latest anti-vaping technology by calling (877) 418-ASAP, filling out our contact form or chatting with us below.