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DIY vs. Professional: Why a Professional Smart Home is Worth It

Explore the Ways – From Control to Connectivity—That DIY and Professional Installations Differ

DIY vs. Professional: Why a Professional Smart Home is Worth It

Do you want to take advantage of the latest smart technology in your Corpus Christi, TX home? Smart lights, speakers, locks and thermostats all promise to make your home more efficient, luxurious and safe. In most cases, they also boast that they’re easy for anyone to install.

Standalone devices are undoubtedly easy to add, but not if you want a comprehensive solution spanning many rooms and features. Even if you’re a tech-savvy person, DIY installations often go awry. Listed below are some of the common pitfalls we see in DIY installations and the ways a professional home automation system resolves them.

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Crafting an Unusable Smart Home

Developing an intuitive smart home experience is difficult. Centralizing control is the first challenge. A lot of DIY smart homes use different apps for each device. Virtual clutter on your smartphone replaces the physical clutter on your coffee table. Since smart home companies streamline all your lighting, AV, climate and security controls under one roof, they automatically simplify your system.

Maybe you are tech-savvy enough to program a user interface that brings your devices together. It makes perfect sense to you, but will it to the rest of your family? Home automation companies go through extensive research and development to develop solutions that will fit everyone from your 90-year old grandmother to your ten-year-old kid.

Opting for a Wireless Smart Home

Most smart home devices like to promote their Wi-Fi connectivity. Since Wi-Fi installs are cheaper, easier and faster, we don’t blame anyone for going that route. Maybe, this will work well with one or two devices. After that, you’re in for a world of trouble. Your devices all compete for minimal bandwidth resulting in a slow, unreliable smart home.  

Wired solutions will always bring out peak performance from all of your equipment. Optimize your system to eliminate lagging, enhance responsiveness, and boost network security. Use cables for any compatible devices and reserve your wireless connections for cases where it’s necessary. 

Limiting Your Smart Home Potential

Maybe you were able to overcome the first two pitfalls listed above. It still doesn’t mean you’re getting the most out of your smart technology. The biggest challenge will be your lack of expertise. How can you optimize your technology when you don’t fully understand what it can do?

A professional knows which products work well together. More importantly, the difference is in the name: home automation system. Automation is all about getting your devices working together for the ultimate luxury and comfort. Not only do you get the perk of automated changes through sensors and schedules, but the ability to build custom scenes. 

Create scenes for cooking, sleeping or leaving the house that instantly adjust lights, audio, security and more. Just press a button on a keypad or give a voice command to transform your home. Have these go off automatically based on time of day for the ultimate hands-off experience.

Not only do you get optimal performance with a professional smart home installation, but you avoid the time and hassle of doing it yourself. Call us, fill out our contact form, or chat with us below to begin your journey to a better home and lifestyle.