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CEDIA 2019: Savant’s Wellness & Biophilia Lighting Control

Discover New Lighting Solutions from the CEDIA Expo

CEDIA 2019: Savant’s Wellness & Biophilia Lighting Control

This year’s CEDIA Expo in Denver, CO, drew crowds of 20,000 home technology professionals to see the latest products and attend informational panels. On the showroom floor, one of the most exciting spectacles was Savant’s display of wellness lighting control. The home automation provider may be a relative newcomer in the industry, but Savant proved its place near the top with a vibrant display of biophilia and circadian lighting fixtures.

But what are biophilia and circadian lighting? In today’s blog, we dive into the new lighting trends Savant shared at CEDIA. You may discover something your Sugarland, TX-area house could benefit from.

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Biophilia & Tunable Lighting

Biophilia is the idea that humans possess an innate desire to connect with nature. But because we spend our days inside buildings and cars, we’ve lost much of our relationship with nature. We know the harmful effects technology can have on us, like stress, fatigue, and anxiety. That’s why manufacturers like Savant are now designing tech with biophilia in mind.

On display for CEDIA-goers were Savant’s tunable lighting fixtures. Tunable lights, also known as human-centric or circadian lights, are powered by a series of algorithms that determine the precise lighting intensity and color temperature of a bulb. Your lightbulbs will gradually adjust throughout the day to mimic the sun’s natural cycle. Bright blue-white in the morning replicates the early day, inspiring energy and alertness. By afternoon, your lights will transition to softer, warmer hues, like a sunset. This prompts the brain to produce more melatonin for more restful nights of sleep, and therefore less irritable mornings.

The Savant Pro App

One of the most exciting features is the Savant Pro app. Users can tweak the circadian settings of their lights right from the app, delaying the virtual sunset, or scheduling an extended wakeup routine. To return to “natural,” all it takes is one press of a button to set every light to match your geography’s daylight schedule.

All lighting fixtures are merged into the app and configured in the same way, whether you have Bluetooth bulbs, breaker-box controlled lamps, or an LED controlled via wall box dimmer. Savant presents only the available options on the app, so you can’t accidentally dim a non-dimmable feature or color-tune an ordinary bulb, eliminating all confusion.

Taking Biophilia a Step Further

Biophilia doesn’t end with tunable lights. Savant incorporates more nature into wake-up scenes by simulating the sounds of birds chirping through a multi-room audio system and the warmth of the sun with smart thermostats or smart-bed controls. Breathe in the scents of the great outdoors through aromatherapy or watch a sunset on the wall via a projector display. Morning breezes can even be replicated through an air motion simulator.

If there was one takeaway from this year’s CEDIA, it’s that manufacturers are taking strides to bring wellness into our busy tech-filled lives. Can nature and smart technology live in harmony? Based on Savant’s recent work, the answer points to yes.

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