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5 Security Upgrades That Will Have an Immediate Impact On Your Business

Embrace the Latest Technology to Better Protect Your Property

5 Security Upgrades That Will Have an Immediate Impact On Your Business

Do you know if your current commercial security services are prepared to deal with modern threats? In the past, a few primary cameras, locks, and alarms were enough to give business owners, school administrators and government officials peace of mind. But even if you have a comprehensive system in place, it's easy to be left behind as technology evolves.

New technology lets you recognize suspicious behavior, protect your space from intruders, and neutralize threats quickly. Deciding which of these new tools would be the right fit for your Austin, Texas business can be challenging without the correct information. Educate yourself by checking out some of the trends in commercial security services that are sure to have an immediate impact.

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Video Analytics

Surveillance cameras tend to be passive participants in a security system. Enhance their impact by integrating advanced video analytics that use pattern-based algorithms to anticipate risk. Any unwanted activity triggers specific actions, whether it's a facility lockdown or laser-focused video recordings that ignore irrelevant activity. Although a variety of things could trigger actions, common ones include perimeter breaches, package tracking, or 'trip wires' monitoring restricted access areas.

License Plate Recognition

Video analytics software often also includes license plate recognition. Although initially limited to traffic situations, as the technology became more cost-efficient it expanded to other settings as well. License plate recognition software captures the information in real time and adds it or cross checks it with an existing list. It then takes any action as needed. It could open a gate for an employee that has access or alert authorities or administrators if banned vehicles try to approach your property.

Biometric Access

Sensitive locations like hospitals and government facilities are increasingly turning to biometrics for their access control. Even security codes and cards become liabilities if lost or shades with others. Retinal eye scanners, hand-geometry readers, and fingerprint readers let you know exactly who is entering your property. Through the associated software, it’s easy to add and remove users via a mobile app or a desktop interface.

Facial Recognition

Another biometric access tool that has become popular in recent years is facial recognition. The technology is usually used inversely—to identify and deny access to certain individuals. Employed in retail settings, stadiums, and government buildings, a facial signature is compared to a database. If the individual identified is a known criminal, banned from the premises, or not a verified employee, you can deny them entry and contact authorities.

Mass Notification

Recently, security threats have taken on much bigger scopes in the context of terrorist attacks and mass shootings. When there's a significant threat like that on your premises, you need to be able to notify people quickly. Many commercial security services now include mass notification systems.  Usually activated via panic buttons, phones, or desktop computers, they alert people within a geo-targeted area or pre-configured group. These alerts come in the forms of texts, emails, or voice messages.

Do you think your property could benefit from one of these emerging commercial security services? To learn more about them and the best way to implement them, call us at (877) 418-ASAP, fill out our contact form, or chat with one of our representatives.