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Articles in Category: Commercial Video Surveillance System Austin TX

Leverage the power of cloud storage in your commercial video surveillance to make it easier to store, share and find valuable footage in your Austin, TX business.

5 Reasons to Embrace a Cloud-Based Surveillance Solution

Avoid the Many Pitfalls Associated with Commercial Video Surveillance

5 Reasons to Embrace a Cloud-Based Surveillance Solution

Are you still relying on physical storage for your commercial video surveillance? Spy movies have romanticized the idea of invaluable video evidence saved on a CD-ROM, floppy disk or, more recently, a USB drive. As the tension builds, evidence exchanges hands dangerously from person to person. Along the way, it falls into the wrong hands or simply falls and shatters—taking the valuable footage out with it. 

New cloud management systems are putting those poor screenwriters out of work. You can now easily share and store footage in your Austin, TX, business and leave the drama for the movie theater. A cloud management solution offers a much safer and more efficient approach in the following ways.