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The Latest in Commercial Video Surveillance – Temperature Scanning Cameras

Can They Help Your Operation Deal With the Coronavirus Epidemic?

The Latest in Commercial Video Surveillance – Temperature Scanning Cameras

In World War Two, an incredible amount of innovation was unleashed to fight the war. Of course, unfortunately, much of it unleashed the most fearsome weapons the world has ever seen. But the same technology also contributed to good when used in the right ways.

The nuclear technology harnessed by the Manhattan Project powers a vital part of the U.S. defense system like aircraft carriers and submarines and is a major source for electricity in many countries. The rocket technology pioneered then formed the genesis of the U.S Space program. Penicillin, radar, pressurized airplane cabins, radio communication, computing, and much more advanced rapidly from sheer need out of the conflict.

In a world of rapidly advancing technology, the COVID-19 crisis is creating another rush of innovation to combat the disease, from faster testing and fast-tracking vaccines to using big data to track and anticipate the spread.

One of the most interesting innovations in this crisis is in body temperature detection cameras, which have been dubbed “fever detectors” and “coronavirus cameras.” The detection of fever is already being employed in various workplaces as a way to ensure that sick workers are sent home and do not infect others. While all fevers are not COVID-19 related, it is one of the most telltale symptoms. To the extent that these systems help to quickly detect potential fevers in a nonintrusive way, it can help curb the spread of the disease and even get a leg up on a new outbreak.

Should you employ temperature cameras as part of your commercial video surveillance system in your Waco, TX organization? There are differences in these systems that are important to know to see if it is right for you. Read on to learn more.

How Your School System Benefits from Purchasing Co-Ops

ASAP Security Solutions Are Available through Purchasing Co-Ops - What That Means For You

How Your School System Benefits from Purchasing Co-Ops

Purchasing for public organizations like school systems has never been an easy process. In the government and public sphere, transparency is critical, and every taxpayer dollar counts.

The typical purchasing process for many products and solutions has been through an RFQ or RFP (Request for Quotation or Proposal) process. As most familiar with these processes know, these methods can be long and cumbersome in either government or private enterprise. When a solution is needed sooner rather than later, this type of process can hinder making the required investments for critical infrastructure for more secure school campuses in San Antonio and other Texas cities.

In Texas, purchasing co-ops have been developed to streamline the purchasing process. For example, the Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC) has been serving local governments for 40 years with purchasing services. TIPS (The Interlocal Purchasing System) is another purchasing cooperative that started in 2002 out of Region 8 in Texas and has expanded throughout the state and nationally.

Co-ops have helped small and large school districts alike to pool purchasing power and streamline processes. They vet vendors, establish competitively priced blanket contracts for goods and services, and provide valuable and time-saving methods for making purchases.

ASAP Security is proud to have been selected as a key security technology vendor for both TIPS and H-GAC, allowing us to offer our solutions to school districts with minimized friction and the knowledge that that district is getting top value for its designated budget. Read on for examples of solutions you can purchase through the co-op process.

2 Ways We Make Your Wireless Network Strong and Stable

Professional Service and Installation Ensure a More Reliable Network

2 Ways We Make Your Wireless Network Strong and Stable

Now more than ever, it’s essential that your home is connected to the outside world. While the world is experiencing shutdowns thanks to COVID-19, many businesses are still up and running, and you may be one of the many workers who are now working from home. Your home needs wireless networking that can handle the increased loads placed on it.

Many schools are shut down, so in addition to the work you may be doing from home for the first time, your children may also be using up tons of bandwidth while attending school digitally.

If you need to wake up and clock in remotely to your job, your internet needs to work first thing in the morning. Our team of experts can use WAN management and a mesh installation to make sure your internet is as reliable as possible. We can troubleshoot and fix your internet before you ever even notice there’s a problem.

In Uncertain Times, It’s Prudent to Protect Your Business

Put Yourself in Control With Monitored Surveillance for Your Premises

In Uncertain Times, It’s Prudent to Protect Your Business

It’s unfortunate, but these are challenging times. The current COVID-19 health crisis has prompted many changes in our society that we might not have dreamed about less than two months ago. The nation has coped with many crises in the past, and it will adapt and deal with this one too.

However, we are dealing with new realities. Indeed, there are the realities of staying home and having almost no outside activities available. We are dealing with families having to work, school, exercise, and be entertained at home, which may be challenging and a huge change from busy schedules. But there’s another side, too, with all schools and many businesses closed. And while these closures are temporary, we should be prepared for the potential of other closures and social distancing measures taking place until the virus is eradicated.

When you think about it, many closed places - whether its shops, restaurants, places of worship, or other venues ­– could be targets for theft or vandalism. As we said, these are unfortunate and uncertain times, and sometimes uncertainly breeds unlawful behavior.

But there is a way to protect your River Oaks and Houston area premises with a solution that puts you in control - monitored surveillance. Read on to learn more about it and why this is the right time to consider it.